Release Notes - jrawio - Version 1.5.6 - HTML format

Defect (bug)

  • [JRW-130] - Add support for Pentax K100D and K110D
  • [JRW-254] - Broken raster for Olympus E330, E420, E620
  • [JRW-256] - Wrong processed size Nikon D40x

New feature (RFE)

  • [JRW-163] - CLONE -Add support for Minolta 5D SLRs
  • [JRW-252] - Add test for Fujifilm S9500
  • [JRW-253] - Added tests for Canon EOS 5DmkII, EOS 1000D
  • [JRW-255] - Added test for Olympus E-400
  • [JRW-258] - Added tests for Sony A200, A300, A350, A700, A900
  • [JRW-259] - Added tests for Pentax K100D


  • [JRW-244] - Add new test files from
  • [JRW-260] - Package rename: it.tidalwave.imageio.raw -> ...imageio.craw, it.tidalwave.imageio.rawprocessor.raw -> ...rawprocessor.craw

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