Release Notes - jrawio - Version 1.5.4 - HTML format

Defect (bug)

  • [JRW-230] - Error loading a Leica M8 file
  • [JRW-236] - Broken raster for Olympus C5050Z, E3, SP350, SP500UZ
  • [JRW-237] - NullPointerException while reading an image from Canon EOS 50D
  • [JRW-238] - Wrong colors for Canon 1D mkIII, 1Ds mkIII, 450D, 40D, 50D
  • [JRW-239] - Exception while reading an image from Canon EOS 1Ds mkII and EOS 5D
  • [JRW-240] - Broken raster for Pentax K10D, K20D, K200D
  • [JRW-248] - Missing color matrixes for most of CR2 cameras
  • [JRW-249] - Missing color matrixes or most of ORF cameras

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