Release Notes - jrawio - Version 1.5.1 - HTML format

Defect (bug)

  • [JRW-171] - REGRESSION: compiler optimization not enabled
  • [JRW-188] - REGRESSION: Many tests fail with ClassNotFoundError:
  • [JRW-190] - REGRESSION: Many tests in the jrawio module fail with wrong fingerprint of the result
  • [JRW-191] - REGRESSION: tests can't write target TIFF files


  • [JRW-170] - Remove the large database of expected test results from the source distribution
  • [JRW-172] - Automatically download test files during tests
  • [JRW-174] - Source repository moved to Mercurial, Kenai
  • [JRW-193] - New tests for CR2 format: Canon EOS D20, EOS D30, EOS D40.

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