Version 1.1-ALPHA-40


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Release Notes

CriticalDefect (bug)NW-45HTML pages don't have neither cache control nor expire date.Fabrizio GiudiciSubmitted
CriticalImprovementNW-177NPE when asking for a resource with an explicit language not configuredFabrizio GiudiciDefect, acknowledged
CriticalDefect (bug)NW-206Occasional OutOfMemoryError (not logged in the application logs)Fabrizio GiudiciDefect, acknowledged
CriticalDefect (bug)NW-207XSLT resources are possibly cached and not invalidated when the site is reloadedFabrizio GiudiciSubmitted
CriticalDefect (bug)NW-211Tag URL doesn't work with an explicit language parameterFabrizio GiudiciDefect, acknowledged
CriticalDefect (bug)NW-234Sometimes gets stuck after detecting a change and restartingFabrizio GiudiciDefect, acknowledged
CriticalDefect (bug)NW-265Drop some obsolete XHTML serialization classesFabrizio GiudiciDefect, acknowledged
CriticalDefect (bug)NW-276Performance degradation after a whileFabrizio GiudiciResolution in progress
CriticalDefect (bug)NW-277REGRESSION: Doesn't properly restart when detects changesFabrizio GiudiciDefect, acknowledged
MajorDefect (bug)NW-41The LocalZipFileSystem doesn't get updated with new contentsFabrizio GiudiciSubmitted
MajorDefect (bug)NW-44Sometimes HTTP status 200 is returned when a resource is not foundFabrizio GiudiciSubmitted
MajorNew feature (RFE)NW-50$nodeLink(...)$ should accept pathParamsFabrizio GiudiciSubmitted
MajorNew feature (RFE)NW-52Add support for custom macrosFabrizio GiudiciSubmitted
MajorImprovementNW-59Replace NetBeans Platform FileSystem with Java 7 FileSystemFabrizio GiudiciResolution in progress
MajorDefect (bug)NW-98Perhaps inlined <style> and <script> sections should go withing a CDATA block?Fabrizio GiudiciSubmitted
MajorDefect (bug)NW-127Blog entries don't get their own title in the <title> sectionFabrizio GiudiciDefect, under investigation
MajorDefect (bug)NW-131MercurialFileSystem configuration is hardwired to a secondary LayeredFileSystem.Fabrizio GiudiciDefect, acknowledged
MajorDefect (bug)NW-132The AvailabilityEnforcer doesn't trigger at the very beginning with the MercurialFileSystemFabrizio GiudiciDefect, acknowledged
MajorTaskNW-134Document how to deal with authentication and the MercurialFileSystemFabrizio GiudiciEnhancement, acknowledged
MajorDefect (bug)NW-149Merge RequestHolder into RequestContext.Fabrizio GiudiciEnhancement, acknowledged
MajorImprovementNW-162Add support for marshalling maps in Properties.xmlFabrizio GiudiciSubmitted
MajorImprovementNW-163Add facility to email a sysadm when resources are not foundFabrizio GiudiciSubmitted
MajorDefect (bug)NW-201$shootingData$ doesn't expand the camera modelFabrizio GiudiciDefect, under investigation
MajorDefect (bug)NW-212Google finds some 404 errorsFabrizio GiudiciDefect, acknowledged
MajorDefect (bug)NW-217NPE while rendering blog nodeFabrizio GiudiciDefect, under investigation
MajorImprovementNW-221ProfilingBeans aren't optionalFabrizio GiudiciDefect, under investigation
MajorDefect (bug)NW-224Filters and RequestProcessors can't be configured in @PostConstructFabrizio GiudiciDefect, acknowledged
MajorDefect (bug)NW-231Compliance to HTTP standards for redirectionsFabrizio GiudiciSubmitted
MajorDefect (bug)NW-232Sitemap generation is problematic for medium-large sitesFabrizio GiudiciDefect, under investigation
MajorDefect (bug)NW-235Gallery item not found: 20090623-0096/?l=it,Fabrizio GiudiciDefect, acknowledged
MajorDefect (bug)NW-253HtmlTemplate components should be implemented with an overridable text templateFabrizio GiudiciSubmitted
MajorNew feature (RFE)NW-259Use StringTemplate for HtmlComponentsFabrizio GiudiciEnhancement, acknowledged
MajorDefect (bug)NW-273org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException with JDK 8Fabrizio GiudiciDefect, acknowledged
MajorNew feature (RFE)NW-274SPEC: MountFileSystemProviderFabrizio GiudiciSubmitted
MajorDefect (bug)NW-275IOException should not be thrown by the Properties APIsFabrizio GiudiciSubmitted
MinorDefect (bug)NW-174REGRESSION: full links are created when not neededFabrizio GiudiciDefect, reproducible
MinorDefect (bug)NW-204The periodic statistic dump happens twice, one with empty dataFabrizio GiudiciDefect, acknowledged
MinorDefect (bug)NW-270The 404 page (not found) is miserableFabrizio GiudiciDefect, acknowledged
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