Polling Log

This page captures the polling log that triggered this build.

Started on Apr 23, 2023, 11:35:00 PM
Polling SCM changes on master
Using strategy: Default
[poll] Last Built Revision: Revision 776aa35dcaa16f413175b50a920208a9e5e9ad8a (origin/fabrizio.giudici)
The recommended git tool is: NONE
No credentials specified
 > git rev-parse --resolve-git-dir /var/jenkins_home/jobs/blueMarine2_Build_and_Quick_Test/workspace/.git # timeout=10
Fetching changes from the remote Git repositories
 > git config remote.origin.url https://bitbucket.org/tidalwave/bluemarine2-src.git # timeout=10
Cleaning workspace
 > git rev-parse --verify HEAD # timeout=10
Resetting working tree
 > git reset --hard # timeout=10
 > git clean -fdx # timeout=10
Fetching upstream changes from https://bitbucket.org/tidalwave/bluemarine2-src.git
 > git --version # timeout=10
 > git --version # 'git version 2.30.2'
 > git fetch --tags --force --progress -- https://bitbucket.org/tidalwave/bluemarine2-src.git +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/* # timeout=10
Polling for changes in
Seen branch in repository origin/dlnaheaders
Seen branch in repository origin/fabrizio.giudici
Seen branch in repository origin/fix-for-BMT-129
Seen branch in repository origin/fix-for-BMT-143
Seen branch in repository origin/fix-for-BMT-154
Seen branch in repository origin/fix-for-BMT-172
Seen branch in repository origin/fix-for-BMT-26
Seen branch in repository origin/fix-for-BMT-59
Seen branch in repository origin/master
Seen 9 remote branches
 > git show-ref --tags -d # timeout=10
 > git log --full-history --no-abbrev --format=raw -M -m 776aa35dcaa16f413175b50a920208a9e5e9ad8a..5bd725d04573598f4b02f3f055217c9bebe07fd5 # timeout=10
Done. Took 3 sec
Changes found