Release Notes - blueMarine II - Version 1.0-ALPHA-21 - HTML format

Defect (bug)

  • [BMT-7] - Needs to be run as 'root' on the Raspberry Pi
  • [BMT-26] - REGRESSION: When going to the upper level, the list selection position is not preserved
  • [BMT-31] - CEC doesn't automatically activate
  • [BMT-43] - Media scan takes foverer on the RPI and doesn't even complete
  • [BMT-47] - In case of error while retrieving new contents, the navigation stack is updated anyway
  • [BMT-84] - Add a global module configuration in JSON
  • [BMT-85] - There is no REST security
  • [BMT-92] - DEB installer for headless service can't install if missing Java
  • [BMT-108] - iTunes CDDB is not read in some tracks
  • [BMT-110] - PowerOn and PowerOff notifications should be sync (publishAndWait())
  • [BMT-114] - MediaScanner large import test fails with native RDF storage (after BMT-44).
  • [BMT-122] - Browsing doesn't work properly on a Humax digital recorder
  • [BMT-129] - Not all items are shown on LG BP550
  • [BMT-131] - Not all the matchable records at MusicBrainz are matched
  • [BMT-137] - MusicBrainz issues
  • [BMT-138] - PERFORMANCE Queries with source musicbrainz are slow on the Raspberry PI
  • [BMT-139] - Add testset with MP3 files from Amazon Autorip
  • [BMT-142] - Release erroneusly split in two
  • [BMT-147] - REGRESSION: TV set LG-37LS5600 doesn't discover the service any longer
  • [BMT-153] - Make sure the proper java is used to run


  • [BMT-35] - Use Font Awesome for icons
  • [BMT-39] - REGRESSION: Problems with the folder browser
  • [BMT-56] - Use a local cache for StoppingDown text resources
  • [BMT-58] - StoppingDown should locally cache images
  • [BMT-90] - Add testset with MP3 files converted from AAC bought at the iTunes Store
  • [BMT-143] - New test set

New feature (RFE)

  • [BMT-5] - Settings panel to set overscan
  • [BMT-8] - Keyboard input not working on the Raspberry PI
  • [BMT-30] - Show the album cover while playing a track
  • [BMT-32] - CEC doesn't work when the digital recorder device is connected and active
  • [BMT-55] - Make it possible to turn on and off UPnP
  • [BMT-57] - Expose StoppingDown slideshows as video streams
  • [BMT-59] - Vimeo Service
  • [BMT-68] - Capability to reproduce .iso files
  • [BMT-88] - Add a REST call to trigger a media rescan
  • [BMT-93] - Docker support
  • [BMT-140] - Add support for embedded cover art
  • [BMT-141] - Add support for MP3 files from Amazon Autorip
  • [BMT-154] - Reproduce galleries from Adobe Lightroom

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